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Restaurants participating

Discover the incredible diversity of flavors and the ever-evolving culinary scene of Tokyo at the "Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum." Join us from May 17th (Friday) to May 19th (Sunday) in Ariake for three days of diverse deliciousness.

This year marks the third edition of the event, offering a culinary extravaganza where you can discover unique and original menus that can only be found here. Indulge in gourmet courses from Michelin-starred restaurants that are rarely found at other food festivals. This is a top-notch food festival where you can discover the "delicious" food that suits you. For the ultimate experience, we have created the "LIVE KITCHEN TATAMI," where visitors can enjoy delicious dishes on a spacious 40-meter tatami matted floor. Additionally, we have the "Edo Yatai Zone," inspired by the Edo-era food stands, offering a wide range of entertainment choices for people of all nationalities and ages.


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From long-established establishments to up-and-coming establishments,
Enjoy your favorite dishes on tatami seats

In addition to event-limited dinner courses (advance reservations required), we also offer a la carte menus.

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Tokyo Delicious Zone

Feel the “now” of Tokyo Enjoy the charm of food

Edo Food Stall Zone

Taste traditional Edomae cuisine

Food Journey Zone ~ Taste food from all over Japan ~

Offering distinctive dishes from all over Japan


Enjoy the charm of Tokyo food
A gathering of markets and workshops

Official Drink