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Friday, May 17, from 19:00

A public recording of J-WAVE's "ENEOS FOR OUR EARTH" will take place on the stage of Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum on Friday, May 17th at 19:00.

The program's announcement is provided below.
If you are interested, please come and join us.

<Program announcement>

Broadcasting on J-WAVE every Saturday from 14:00 to 14:30. "ENEOS FOR OUR EARTH - ONE BY ONE" is a program where Akane Horita invites guests to discuss the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which aim to achieve a better future for our world. There will be a public recording of this program. Our host, Akane Hotta, will have the pleasure of welcoming Ryoko Kobayashi, a special guest host from J-WAVE EARLY GROLY (every Sunday from 6:00 to 9:00), to discuss her driving forces behind actions and activities related to the SDGs.
*Participation is by invitation only, but there are spaces where you can view freely.

  • NAVIGATOR Akane Hotta

    Akane Hotta

  • GUEST 小林 涼子 俳優/AGRIKO代表

    Ryoko Kobayashi
    Actor / CEO of AGRIKO

Tokyo Tourism Ambassador Chef Mikuni and Chef Kusumoto
Special speaking event

Sunday, May 19, from13:00

A special speaking event will be held by Chef Kiyomi Mikuni and Chef Katsumi Kusumoto, two of Japan's leading chefs and Ambassoadors of Tokyo's Tourism. The subject matter that will be addressed during their featured event is "Food Attractions in Tokyo."

※Please note that there is a possibility of standing due to the limited number of seats.

  • Hotel de Mikuni Owner Chef Kiyomi Mikuni Chef

    Owner Chef of Hôtel de Mikuni
    Chef Kiyomi Mikuni

  • “Namido” Chief Chef Katsumi Kusumoto

    Chief Chef, Saido
    Chef Katsumi Kusumoto

Experience the powerful live music performances on stage inside the venue.

Friday, May 17

  • Japanese Drum Group

    Japanese Drum Group "SAI"
    (Japanese drum)

  • Prhythm (Gospel)


  • Soluz (Flamenco)


Saturday,May 18

  • Japanese Drum Group

    Japanese Drum Group "SAI"
    (Japanese drum)

  • Pitre String Orchestra(Classic)

    Pitre String Orchestra

  • CAMEL(Irish celtic music)

    (Irish celtic music)

  • Caribbean Cruise(Steel Pan)

    Caribbean Cruise
    ( Steel Pan)

Sunday, May 19

  • Japanese Drum Group

    Japanese Drum Group "SAI"
    (Japanese Drum)

  • Prhythm (Gospel)


  • Alps Music Orchestra (Alpine folk music)

    Alps Music Orchestra
    (Alpine folk music)

  • one difference (JAZZ)

    one difference

Stage DJ (appeared for 3 days)

  • CT-LOW