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Restaurants participating

1. Yopu no Oubutashioyaki

  • Korean Cuisine

Don't miss the delicious spicy hot pot supervised by a Korean chef.

The Korean restaurant specializing in aged meat is a popular spot that captures the hearts of Korean cuisine fans. A must-try is the "Nakkopse," a spicy hot pot dish from Busan that combines the flavors of beef tripe, octopus, shrimp, and other seafood, as well as vegetables. "The simmered pot with its special sauce is a perfect match with rice."The lineup also includes "Yannyeom Chicken," which gained popularity in Korean dramas, and "Kimpa," a Korean-style sushi roll. It makes you feel like you've traveled to Korea without actually going there.


Nakgopsae with rice / ¥1,500

Nakgopsae with rice

Nakgopsae with rice / ¥1,500

Yangnyeom chicken / S:¥1,100 M:¥1,500

Yangnyeom chicken

Yangnyeom chicken / S:¥1,100 M:¥1,500

Gimbap / ¥1,000


Gimbap / ¥1,000

Restaurant information


Shin-Okubo main store
1-16-21 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Telephone number


Opening hours

Lunch 11:00-15:00
Dinner 15:00-24:00
(L.O.23:00, Drink L.O.23:30)

Regular holiday

Open all year round