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  • 「LIVE KITCHEN TATAMI」From long-established restaurants to up-and-coming establishments, enjoy your favorite dishes on tatami seatres



「LIVE KITCHEN TATAMI」From long-established restaurants to up-and-coming establishments, enjoy your favorite dishes on tatami seatres

 "LIVE KITCHEN TATAMI" area, where you can enjoy food on tatami mats stretching for about 40 metres

The area features four of Tokyo's leading restaurants, from long-established establishments to up-and-comers,
which are usually difficult to book.

From 11:00 to 17:00 and from 19:30 to 21:00, a la carte menus including event-only menus, and from 18:00 to 19:30, special course meals will be served on tatami mats. (Advance booking essential).

A unique dining experience in a special setting.
Enjoy a luxurious time at LIVE KITCHEN TATAMI, the symbolic spot of the Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum.

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*Customers who reserve a course at any of our stores will receive a free set of Wajima lacquered chopsticks (1 set of 2)!

*The types of Wajima-lacquered chopsticks (1 set of 2) that will be presented vary depending on the day.

<What is Wajima-nuri?>
Traditional lacquerware produced mainly in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture

※This picture is just an image.

LIVE KITCHEN TATAMI Restaurants participating

1. GENEI.WAGAN [Ramen Kaiseki]

Full of surprises and fun Ramen theater by chef

「GENEI.WAGAN」 the only ramen restaurant in Japan that requires reservations, is an experience-based ramen restaurant. It is famous in the ramen world for being a restaurant that doesn't take reservations, and one of the reasons is that you can get a different flavor of ramen each time you visit.
This time, the 「Mala Nut Soupless Dandan Noodles」and「Mala Nut Dandan Noodles」 which are only available to regulars who come back many times, will be available, so there will definitely be lines. The course menu starts with soup, then ramen parfait, then spring rolls, then the main course, which will captivate ramen lovers.

Dinner course / 9,000 yen

~6 menues~
・Homemade high quality soy sauce served as soup stock
・Ramen parfait with salmon roe and seaweed
・XO sauce spring rolls
・Shiokun soy sauce ramen
・Egg-fried rice with Gen-ei soy sauce
・Vanilla ice cream with Lemon Kaoru salt and olive oil

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2. Ponte Carbo [Italian]

Innovative cuisine full of fresh surprises

This restaurant is run by Chef Ropia, who closed his beloved Ristorante Floria in Nagano Prefecture for 10 years and expanded into Tokyo last year.
With its innovative traditional Italian cuisine using fermented and dashi soup stock and charcoal-grilled dishes, it has quickly become a popular restaurant that is difficult to reserve.
The course consists of 6 dishes. We offer course meals cooked slowly and slowly by the chef, including our specialty carbonara with homemade pancetta.
Fritto and panini are available a la carte. This is your only chance to enjoy seasonal Italian food that is a fusion of Italian and Japanese ingredients at a reasonable price!

Dinner course / 9,000 yen

~6 menues~
・【Antipasto Caldo】 (shrimp, scallop, white fish frit)
・【Antipasto Freddo】 (red sea bream carpaccio ~ wrapped in cabbage)
・【Pasta】 (Roman-style carbonara)
・【Pasta】 (white shrimp aglio olio e peperoncino)
・【Carne】 (roasted Shinshu beef)
・【Dolce】 (Matcha tiramisu)

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3. Shisen Hanten [Chinese cuisine]

Sichuan cuisine that preserves the tradition passed down through three generations while attacking with new ingredients

Chen Kenmin is known as the father of Sichuan cuisine in Japan. At Akasaka Sichuan Hotel, the recipes have been passed down through three generations, including Kenichi Chen, who succeeded him, and Kentaro Chen, the third generation owner.
Their typical menus include a wide variety of dishes, such as mapo tofu and chinjao loin, but this time, they will introduce a new style of menu based on those recipes, with a focus on ingredients.
There is also a luxurious a la carte lineup, from pickled Tokyo vegetables to mapo tofu bowl made from Kinka pork from Yamagata Prefecture, and chinjao loin bowl made from Wagyu beef sirloin cooked at a low temperature. The course consists of seven individual dishes, including traditional dishes.

Dinner course / 12,000 yen

~7 items~
・Special pickles made from Edo-Tokyo vegetables grown at Kosaka Farm
・Pete Douf
・Flavorful king crab shark fin soup ~Foie gras steamed egg custard~
・Cold tiger prawns with chili sauce and rice noodles
・Wagyu beef sirloin chinja loin
・Sichuan Hotel Traditional Mabo Doufu ~ Made with Jinhua pork ~
・Old-fashioned Annindouf with seasonal fruits

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4. Shojin Cuisine DAIGO [Shojin cuisine]

Feel the four seasons of Japan. Shojin ryori is deeply nourishing

"Shojin Ryori Daigo" offers kaiseki-style Buddhist cuisine, each dish carefully prepared using seasonal ingredients from Japan.
A number of dishes that exquisitely combine the ingredients, seasonal ingredients, and remnants that will make you feel grateful to be Japanese. You'll feel the four seasons and feel your body happy every time you eat it.
The special a la carte menu includes a "curry with the aroma of fruits and spices" called "vegetable keema," a "special grilled green onion soy sauce ramen," which is only available for an hour and a half, and plant-based donuts, all of which are Mr. Nomura's goal of "deliciousness." A new attempt at "vegetarian dishes to choose from."

Dinner course / 10,000 yen

~9 items~
・[Appetizer] Bamboo shoots wrapped in oak leaves
・[Kozuke] Color Kuro Yose
・[Soup] Sawani bowl
・[8 inches] Arrow lotus root, white radish, grated wheat flour, chrysanthemum turnip, young peach, butterbur
・[Simmered dish] Sesame tofu with red bean paste
・[Strong side dish] Wood-dried millet wheat with sesame vinegar dressing
・[Rice] Nameko rice porridge, mountain burdock
・[Water items] Fruits
・[Sweetness] Shiruko

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