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5. gyopao

  • Dim Sum & Chinese Cuisine

The Taiwanese-originating water dumplings, overflowing with savory juices, are absolutely exquisite

This is a specialized dumpling shop that combines Japanese izakaya and Taiwanese cuisine. The "Gyo-Pao" is a juicy dumpling that is best enjoyed with soup. Place the dumplings on a spoon with some soup and experience a taste that will completely change your perception of dumplings. The dumplings, made with a chewy skin and filled with 100% domestically sourced pork, are bursting with juicy flavor, just like xiaolongbao. Please give both a try and compare the flavors. Be cautious of the juicy explosion as you savor the piping-hot dumplings!


gyopao / ¥800


gyopao / ¥800

3 pieces

Hot gyopao / ¥900

Hot gyopao

Hot gyopao / ¥900

3 pieces

Restaurant information


Yuunaga Building 3F, 3-35-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Shinjuku Store)

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