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A Gastronomic Experience in Tokyo
Visiting Various Food Scenes that Represent Diverse Individuality and Cultures

If asked, what would you say are delicious dishes that represent Tokyo?
Tokyo, a melting pot of food from all over the world, boasts a unique culinary culture.
From around the world to Tokyo
From Tokyo to various places in Japan
And from various places in Japan to around the world
Embark on a journey for a unique gastronomic experience in Tokyo, connected by food and led by people
Together with the next generation of gastronomic leaders

  • salad
  • seafood-based cuisine
  • sashimi of tuna
  • ramen and foodies

A gourmet who travels around the world to enjoy delicious food = A foodie (gastronomist)
We invite international influencers who are avowed foodies to disseminate the charms of various food scenes in Tokyo, woven by diverse cuisines and people, from their own points of view to foodies all over the world.

We believe that the places they visit during this trip will be added to the bucket lists of foodies around the world.