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Tama venue


Things Taste Better When Eaten Together
At the outlet park where many families visit, everyone from children to adults can enjoy smoothies, deep-fried bread and other long-established Japanese restaurant fare,
and experience the joy of eating in good company. “Ishikawa Sake Brewery” and “Otama Ham,” a Japanese sake brewery that has been in the Tama area since the Edo era (1863) will have a special pop-up store on the 13th for one day only.

  • PlaceMitsui Outlet Park Tama Minami Osawa
  • Schedule May 13 (Sat) 10:00~20:00
    May 14 (Sun) 10:00~20:00
  • Shop name etcCOCO agepan/ GOKUGOKU/ ISHIKAWA BREWERY/ Ohtama Ham/ KAPPOU TONBO etc


Inheriting traditional techniques from the 3rd year of Bunkyu, brewing the famous sake "Tama Jiman".
Known as a "sake drinker's theme park," it is a Tokyo sake brewery that is visited by many people with its own restaurant, direct sales store, and historical museum on its premises. You can meet the charm of sake and craft beer made with the air of Tama and natural water pumped from 150 meters underground.

Ohtama Ham

Ohtama Ham ※only Sut 13 May

A long-established ham maker with a factory in Fussa City, Tokyo, founded 90 years ago. Smoked hams and sausages made with German-style traditional recipes handed down directly from Germans. Making use of the sausage-making skills that he learned directly in Germany, the sausages made with carefully selected domestic raw materials have a strong meaty texture, and the good flavor of Yamazakura smoke is attractive.


COCO agepan

This shop provides fried breads that are fried using 100% coconut oil. They are made using beet sugar, which will delight both your body and your taste buds. Select from multiple types, each made for perfect flavor. The healthy fried potatoes which are fried in coconut oil are also popular products at this event.



This shop provides healthy products that are made with no additives and no sugar. The banana smoothie is made with rich bananas and is a particularly popular product. The shop operates at the event from a specially-made banana-shaped kitchen car. The striking appearance makes it a popular topic, and it can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.



Bringing the flavors of a famous, long-standing shop to everyone. Founded in 1933, Kappou Tonbo delivers seasonal flavors together with sincere hospitality.
At this event, it will offer the box lunches that are a specialty of the shop. Please come to the Tama venue and enjoy a special box lunch prepared by a chef with more than 40 years of training and experience.

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Barbara Murata

Barbara Murata


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