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A referral-only restaurant of Chef Fumio Yonezawa who worked as the sous-chef at the Michelin three-star restaurant in NY, “Jean-Georges.” As the name of the restaurant means “without borders,” dishes served here are likewise borderless, like French, Italian, ethnic, etc. being in a place where customers can experience “deliciousness” that the chef wants to currently deliver. Vegan and gluten-free dishes are also served, and this is one of the most fully-booked restaurants in Tokyo.

Fumio Yonezawa

Fumio Yonezawa

Event offer menu

  • Truffle-flavored crab cream spring roll
  • Deep-fried oyster dog of Kanawa Oyster with homemade tartar sauce of Yuzu citrus pepper miso
  • Spring roll of sardine and green curry
  • Homemade spicy ginger ale
  • Melon herb soda