Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum2023


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Kachidoki Soba Yoshida

Kachidoki Soba Yoshida / Shota Hata

A restaurant of buckwheat noodles and genuine Japanese cuisine created by a young chef who had studied at a buckwheat noodle cuisine restaurant in Ichiban-cho and a luxury tempura restaurant in Kagurazaka. Dishes especially particular about ingredients including fresh fish purchased from “Yama Sachi” in Toyosu, fragrant buckwheat flour from Hokkaido, and specially made sauce in which flavors of Rishiri Kombu (Laminaria ochotensis) are featured.

Shota Hata

Shota Hata

Event offer menu

  • Buckwheat noodle with 1 shrimp tempura
  • Buckwheat noodle with 2 shrimp tempura
  • tempura
  • Shrimp tempura (1 piece)
  • Shrimp tempura (2 piece)
  • Coca cola
  • Ginger ale
  • Orange juice
  • Oolong Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Beer
  • Highball
  • Shochu
  • White wine glass