Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum2023


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Hichou Kurata/Minoru Hasegawa

Hichou Kurata/Minoru Hasegawa / Minoru Hasegawa

A new restaurant among the group of ten luxury restaurants in Tokyo supervised by Chef Minoru Hasegawa. While there are many restaurants making news in the Minoru Hasegawa Group, such as being fully booked up to three years in advance, it is this restaurant that opens for further news as the best grilled chicken restaurant in Japan, where only chicken raised by the restaurant would be served. The chicken is of the brand’s local chicken raised by the restaurant, taking more than twice as long as ordinary local chickens. We are thoroughly particular about feeds, enzymes, organic vegetables, water, bedding, and being free-range. Please enjoy the flavor of chicken uniquely grilled over charcoal either with an iron plate, lava or mesh grill selected for each menu item. Please visit us in Kanda to try high quality fat of chicken and experience such good “umami” flavor that you cannot stop eating and may even almost faint.

Minoru Hasegawa

Minoru Hasegawa

Event offer menu

  • Curry
  • Deep-fried chicken