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Ryo HouShou

AJIBOU / Ryo HouShou

  • Chinese cuisine

Authentic Chinese restaurants of cuisine from the northeast of China. This is popular as a casual restaurant that is frequently featured in the media. Mr. Hari visited many places in China to try foods. Based on his concept of “wanting to properly introduce tasty foods from China that Japanese have never experienced yet,” you can enjoy genuine home cooking completely different from Chinese dishes popular in Japan. This restaurant is also famous as a pioneer that serves natural wine with Chinese cuisine.

AL MINA / Shadi Bashiyi

  • Halal Arabia mediterranean cuisine

Hitoshi Isojima

ENEKOTokyo / Hitoshi Isojima

  • Spanish cuisine

A modern Basque restaurant supervised by Eneko Atxa, who was the youngest to be awarded three Michelin stars in Spain and has continued to hold three stars since then. Enjoy ENEKO Tokyo’s pintxos, a creative expression of traditional Basque cuisine with new ingredients and cooking techniques.

Shota Hata

Kachidoki Soba Yoshida / Shota Hata

  • Soba/Tempura

A restaurant of buckwheat noodles and genuine Japanese cuisine created by a young chef who had studied at a buckwheat noodle cuisine restaurant in Ichiban-cho and a luxury tempura restaurant in Kagurazaka. Dishes especially particular about ingredients including fresh fish purchased from “Yama Sachi” in Toyosu, fragrant buckwheat flour from Hokkaido, and specially made sauce in which flavors of Rishiri Kombu (Laminaria ochotensis) are featured.

GINZA Nyorosuke

  • Eel dishes

An eel restaurant that serves a “directly broiled” eel without having been steamed, which is rare in Tokyo. While creating a crispy texture and fragrant taste and also keeping the umami (flavor), fat and chewiness of the eel meat itself, the direct broiling draws the flavor of eel to the maximum by only the broiling technique, and the exquisitely done eel is served after being dipped into delicious sauce. At the event site, small-sized broiled eel rice bowls that you can easily eat, broiled eel rice box lunches which are good for take-out, and local Japanese sake will be available.

Yuhei Todaka

Shokudo TODAKA / Yuhei Todaka

  • Izakaya/Local cuisine


  • Mexican cuisine


  • French cuisine


  • Western sweets/Japanese sweets/bread

YAMANOTE Cooking&Confectionery College

  • Japanese cuisine/Western cuisine/Chinese cuisine

Miwa Echigoya

Tokyo Winery / Miwa Echigoya

  • Drink

The first winery in Tokyo opened in 2014. The female owner cultivates grapes herself in seven fields (about 5,000 square meters in total) in Nerima Ward and makes wine. The concept is “wine that matches vegetables.” “Chinese Tapas Hachi” also in Oizumi Gakuen will serve foods at the event. Light Chinese dishes which abundantly contain Tokyo vegetables will further emphasize the flavor of wine.


  • Hormones dishes

Fumio Yonezawa

No Code / Fumio Yonezawa

  • Non genre

A referral-only restaurant of Chef Fumio Yonezawa who worked as the sous-chef at the Michelin three-star restaurant in NY, “Jean-Georges.” As the name of the restaurant means “without borders,” dishes served here are likewise borderless, like French, Italian, ethnic, etc. being in a place where customers can experience “deliciousness” that the chef wants to currently deliver. Vegan and gluten-free dishes are also served, and this is one of the most fully-booked restaurants in Tokyo.

Goki Inoue

Non-Alchemist / Goki Inoue

  • Non genre

You can also enjoy pairing food, centering on non-alcoholic drinks that reconstruct the components such as the aroma and taste of wine as if you are cooking the ingredients. Chef Goki Inoue is now attracting attention as a new-style chef of the next generation because of his wide variety of activities ranging from product development to restaurant operations.

HAL YAMASHITA Tokyo / Haruyuki Yamashita

  • Neo Japanese cuisine

Their cuisine produced by unique perspectives, original cooking techniques and novel combinations of ingredients that have never been tried in the traditional Japanese style is called “new Japanese cuisine,” and an experience of a new category is provided. Vegetarian and vegan menus are also served. Haruyuki Yamashita, the owner-chef, participated in two consecutive competitions of the World Gourmet Summit in Singapore in 2010 and UAE in 2012 as the representative of Japan, and was awarded as The Best Chef of the Year in 2010.

Victor García

Bar Portillo / Victor García

  • Spanish cuisine

A popular paella restaurant officially recognized by the Government of Spain, “Sal y Amor” is a cafeteria and bar inheriting the local love of Spain from Daikanyama. You can casually enjoy the taste and quality awarded by the Michelin Bib Gourmand for eight consecutive years. They serve casual light meals and paella lunch sets during the daytime, and tapas, meat dishes and paella with beer and wine at night.

Minoru Hasegawa

Hichou Kurata/Minoru Hasegawa / Minoru Hasegawa

  • Grilled chicken

A new restaurant among the group of ten luxury restaurants in Tokyo supervised by Chef Minoru Hasegawa. While there are many restaurants making news in the Minoru Hasegawa Group, such as being fully booked up to three years in advance, it is this restaurant that opens for further news as the best grilled chicken restaurant in Japan, where only chicken raised by the restaurant would be served. The chicken is of the brand’s local chicken raised by the restaurant, taking more than twice as long as ordinary local chickens. We are thoroughly particular about feeds, enzymes, organic vegetables, water, bedding, and being free-range. Please enjoy the flavor of chicken uniquely grilled over charcoal either with an iron plate, lava or mesh grill selected for each menu item. Please visit us in Kanda to try high quality fat of chicken and experience such good “umami” flavor that you cannot stop eating and may even almost faint.

Fugu club miyawaki

  • Fugu cuisine

A well-known restaurant where you can enjoy a large fugu (globefish) course weighing about 3 kg throughout the year. A pop-up shop will be opened by this restaurant, managed by the Globefish Club Miyawaki, for globefish dishes and a standing bar at Tsukiji for enjoying carefully selected Japanese sake etc. As the interior of this restaurant was made by renovating an old Japanese house, you can enjoy deep-fried and grilled globefish, and globefish pizza in a warm and comfortable space. Popular deep-fried globefish will be served at the event.

Bunshun marche With Maison de Tsuyuki

  • Non genre

Online food shopping website “Bunshun Marche” will participate in the event. You can enjoy an assortment dish of popular products from “tasty items from all over Japan” carefully selected through data collection of “Weekly Magazine Bunshun.” “Maisonde Tsuyuki” in Kagurazaka, a completely referral-only restaurant, will be in charge of cooking. Please try the taste of pre-ordered foods provided by a new collaboration of EC and restaurants.

Koichi Yamazaki

Heigei / Koichi Yamazaki

  • Hong Kong cuisine

Yahei Suzuki

Bottega del piatto suzuki / Yahei Suzuki

  • Italian cuisine

A long-established Italian restaurant in Azabu Juban that has been awarded one Michelin star for fourteen consecutive years. Yahei Suzuki, the owner-chef, studied under Masaru Hirata of CUCINA Hirata, and then trained himself at restaurants in Italy.
He produces his original “Suzuki’s dish” based on traditional Italian cuisine.
Such a fine restaurant serves panini only for this event.


  • Seafood Izakaya

We are “Mugen,” a Japanese style bar in Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture. We opened in 2018 after the Great East Japan Earthquake. We serve tasty cuisine such as Fukushima meat, vegetables, rice and Japanese sake in addition to “Joban Items,” local fresh seafood. As our logo mark “∞” shows, “Mugen” looks to endless possibilities and the future of Soma.

Yamada no unagi / Mou Soejima

  • Japanese cuisine/ramen

Hideyuki Kuwahara

YORONIKU / Hideyuki Kuwahara

  • Yakiniku

After working in Italian and Japanese cuisine, the chef moved to Yoroniku. A new-generation meat restaurant that overturned the traditional concept of barbecue and created a new trend. They always propose new barbecue experiences ahead of the times, such as a cooking method that changes the grilling temperature depending on the part of the meat and a style of eating the meat wrapping white rice. There is no end to barbecue restaurants that follow Yoroniku’s proposals.

Hirohisa Yamaguchi

Righteous BURGER / Hirohisa Yamaguchi

  • Vegan burger/Vegan sweets


  • Italian cuisine

A casual Italian restaurant opened at the Gakugei University Station in 2013 to be a place where people can smile and be happy. Sustainable dishes are served using ingredients grown with love by producers in Japan as well as Italian natural wine. You can “experience foods that both heart and body enjoy.”


  • Asian cuisine

“88 Asia” produced by Shusaku Toba, the chef of “sio” who has been awarded one star in “Michelin Guide Tokyo” for three consecutive years, has a reputation that people can feel as if being at street food stalls with lively sound and spicy aroma in Vietnam and Thailand. Popular menu items include “HEY! Bánh mì” that “sio” started during the COVID-19 pandemic, “trio of spring rolls” for comparing the tastes of raw, deep-fried and steamed spring rolls, and “88 pho” which includes the same raw noodles as used in Vietnam!


  • Product sales

Sea vegetable

  • Product sales

Founded in 2016. Started land cultivation of "Suji Aonori" using underground seawater for the first time in the world. While the yield of seaweed, both natural and cultivated on the sea, has decreased sharply, we are conducting research, production and cooking development of "unprecedented delicious seaweed" with our colleagues, mainly at production bases all over the country.


  • Product sales

A confectionery shop with the concept of a "souvenir shop in Tougenkyo." The flagship product Yamagashi, which resembles an edible miniature garden of Japanese mountains in the size of the palm of your hand, and Hinayama, which is an even smaller version, are one after another with new interpretations that use Japanese ingredients and motifs and are made with Western confectionery methods. Develop unique sweets. It became a hot topic among lovers of sweets and mountains.


  • Product sales

A famous Japanese sake restaurant opened in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo, where you can enjoy new sake experiences such as pairing with food. It is divided into a standing space where you can casually stop by and a seating area with private rooms, so it can be used in a variety of situations. Original sake that can only be tasted here and highly rare sake from all over the country are available, and you can also enjoy creative dishes that go well with them.


  • Product sales

At this event, vegetables will be sold in collaboration with a completely new media food culture magazine ”RiCE” that disseminates information on culture and lifestyle with a unique perspective centered on Japanese food culture.

Japan Gibier Promotion Association

  • Municipality/Others

Carefully selected gibier product sales.

General Incorporated Association Minato Travel & Tourism

  • Municipality/Others

Merchandise sales (honey, etc.).

Edo-Tokyo KIRARI Project

  • Municipality/Others

Sale of products related to the Edo-Tokyo Kirari Project.

OISHII Yamagata Plaza

  • Municipality/Others

Sales of goods at antenna shops, tourism PR with flyers and posters, etc.

SusHi Tech Tokyo

  • Municipality/Others

Demonstration of making sushi by 3D food printer, provision of upcycled beer, etc.

TOKYO JAPAN eat rice flour bread!

  • Municipality/Others

TOKYO JAPAN campaign opened a booth from Tokyo. Selling bread made with rice flour.

Tokyo Tourist Information

  • Municipality/Others

A temporary tourist information center was set up by the concierge of the Tokyo Tourist Information Center to distribute pamphlets and provide tourist information in Tokyo.
"Tokyo Souvenirs" exhibition and TokyoTokyo novelties are also distributed.

Toyosu shijou

  • Municipality/Others

Put up posters at facilities of "Senkyakubanrai".

Niigata Prefecture rice flour sweets

  • Municipality/Others

Sale of sweets using rice flour.

Nihonbashi Fukushimakan MIDETTE

  • Municipality/Others

Product sales by antenna shop.

PLAY!HTT ~electric power Herasu Tsukuru Tameru~

  • Municipality/Others

Exhibition of posters, etc. related to HTT (“H” to reduce electricity, “T” to create, “T” to store).


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