Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum2023


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Ariake venue

19(Fri.)~21(sun.)May 2023 Holding time: 11:00 to 21:30 / 18:30 only on 21st

Ariake venue:
Symbol Promenade Park
(Stone and Light Plaza)

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Chef’s LIVE FES!
Chefs who are normally confined to their kitchens will get together at the event site to share deliciousness with everyone. A delightful dish produced in right front of you by proud chefs in Tokyo.
Another new flavor may be produced by the eating, gathering and sharing going on here. Please enjoy the exciting energy of some of Tokyo’s finest chefs.

Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum Special Pop-up Shops


Cute! Tasty! Fun! Exciting Sweets!
With their intricate craftsmanship, beauty and wow factor attracting attention even from overseas,
sweets play an increasingly important role in the food culture of Tokyo.
We have selected specialty shops of sweets, a food category attracting great attention.

  • LA CASA DI Tetsuo Ota
  • canelé de CHIANTI
  • wabi




Join us and make a jonamagashi (nerikiri) Japanese confection mold out of clay. The workshop is taught by the owner, who is also a Japanese confectionary professional. You can make one like the model, or create your own original work. Of course you can take the finished clay piece home with you. Following the workshop, you will receive a ticket that can be exchanged for a wabi Japanese confection that is sold in the Sweets Museum. Please enjoy it.

  • ScheduleMay 19 (Fri) May 20 (Sat)
  • Time11:00-21:30
  • Fee1,500 yen

This shop makes Japanese confections in the shadows of a residential neighborhood close to Shinkoenji in Suginami City. It makes each individual confection with great care, with a base made of sweet bean paste using beans grown in Tamba, together with authentic ingredients such as hon-kudzu (arrowroot starch) and bracken starch, prepared by traditional means.

One in the world

One in the world

“Experience food models that look just like the real thing and are sure to fascinate adults and children alike!” Join us to make charms and magnets that look like real food by adding color to parts shaped in molds made based on actual foods.

  • ScheduleFri 19 May、Sat 20 May、Sun 21 May
  • Time11:00~

Parfait / salmon roe rice bowl, salmon and salmon roe rice bowl, egg on rice / pizza key holders / om-rice omelet tray
Toast clock

Offering a food model workshop which can be enjoyed by both children and adults! Last year, this workshop was highly popular not only among Japanese visitors but also among visitors from overseas. Join us to make food models that look just like the real thing by adding colors to parts shaped in molds made based on actual foods.

One in the world
One in the world


A workshop for an experience preparing and tasting Japanese teas made with select tea leaves

  • ScheduleSun 21 May
  • Time11:00~

(1) Approximately 15 minuets for the Japanese tea preparation workshop only
(2) Approximately 30 minutes for the experience workshop and comparison tasting

Taste and compare the different flavors produced by differences in growing region, temperature, and variety.

This shop carefully selects the most delicious Japanese tea from regions around the country. It sells the “gateau matcha” baked sweet filled with the dedication of a Japanese tea specialist, as well as teapots and other tea utensils. It also performs Japanese tea workshops at outside locations, and offers a Japanese tea-making service. An encounter with Japanese tea is a moving experience.

Music for the event

Music at the site of “Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum” will be produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka who as a foodie himself is well-versed in the culinary arts.

Tomoyuki Tanaka (Music producer/Music selector)

Tomoyuki Tanaka (Music producer/Music selector)

Active in Japan and overseas as the solo project FPM. Also produces artists and creates commercial music, stage music, etc.
Involved as the music director in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games.
Well-versed in not only music but also food, fashion, art and literature, he is known as a connoisseur and uses his platforms on social media to disseminate information about the food of various places that he has encountered while carrying out his main business activities.
His reviews as a Tabelog (restaurant guide) “gourmet celebrity” are also popular.

<Major accomplishments for space production related to foods>

  • Music supervision for “Paradise Lounge” in the indoor observation corridor “SKY GALLERY” of “Shibuya Scramble Square Eastern Building”
  • Music supervision for “Sarutahiko Coffee The Bridge” on the 2nd floor of the new building of the JR Harajuku Station
  • Music supervision for the restaurant “NINE by La Cime” on the 9th floor of Marunouchi Terrace, the composite facilities on Marunouchi Naka-dori Street
  • Music supervision for the flagship shop “SHUIRO” of cage-free eggs “UCHU NO YOAKE (dawn of the universe)”
  • In addition to special cuisine and wine served by the chef Fumio Yonezawa,
    special music by Tomoyuki Tanaka and talk show by the chef Yonezawa, and many others

Stage event


Hotel New Otani cocktail show

Hotel New Otani sustainable cocktail show

Presenting an SDG performance that creates a sustainable cocktail made using white rice on stage. This is a special drink that is not regularly available even at Bar Capri, where bartender Yoshida works. After the stage performance, a limited supply of 20 drinks will be provided to customers who order a curry at the New Otani booth.

  • Theme『Sustainable Cocktails made with white rice』
  • SpeakersHiroki Yoshida
  • ScheduleFri 19 May
  • Time18:30~19:00

“Japanese Saké Night” with Marie Chiba

This special talk event discussing subjects related to Japanese saké will be provided by charismatic personality of the saké industry Marie Chiba and by chief editor of RiCE magazine Hiroshi Inada. A booth will be set up on the same date for sales of special Japanese saké.

  • Theme『Sake』
  • SpeakersMarie Chiba、Hiroshi Inada
  • ScheduleFri 19 May
  • Time19:30~20:00
TOKYO FM「RiCE RADiO〜ほうたれ〜」スペシャルトーク

TOKYO FM「RiCE RADiO〜HOUTARE〜」special talk show

Tokyo FM and the food culture magazine RiCE have formed a collaboration with Delicious Museum 2023! Chief editor of RiCE Hiroshi Inada hosts guests chef Ichiko Takehana and voice actress and singer Nana Mizuki to discuss “Delicious Tokyo.

  • Theme『Delicious Tokyo』
  • HostHiroshi Inada (chief editor of food culture magazine RiCE,
  • guestsIchiko Takehana (chef), Nana Mizuki (voice actress and singer)
  • ScheduleSat 20 May
  • Time17:00~18:00
Tomoyuki Tanaka (Music producer/Music selector)

FPM Tomoyuki Tanaka DJ LIVE

Tomoyuki Tanaka is well known as a music producer and music curator, as well as an expert on food. He will present a live performance that will heighten your enjoyment of eating and make your food taste more delicious.

  • PerformerFPM Tomoyuki Tanaka
  • ScheduleMay 20 (Sat)
  • Time18:30~20:00


There will be a special on-stage discussion by Sea Vegetable and film director Hasegawa, who produced a documentary feature about them. They will also operate a booth on the same day selling seaweed products

  • Theme『Seaweed』
  • SpeakersYuichi Tomohiro、Tomomi Hasegawa
  • ScheduleSun 21 May
  • Time15:00~15:20
EATBEAT! Special Finale Live

Special Finale Live

Hear the sounds of cutting, boiling, and roasting vegetables. This is dance music created with a variety of sounds coming from food preparation! Enjoy food with all of your five senses at a performance that brings this three-day event to a close.

  • PerformerEATBEAT! Member,Yusuke Hotta, henlywork
    DJ Misoshiruto MCGohan ,Shinya Nakamura
  • ScheduleMay 21 (Sun)
  • Time17:00~18:00


Erina Wataya

Erina Wataya

Chihiro Teshima

Chihiro Teshima

Miho Hamasaki

Miho Hamasaki

Street performance

Barbara Murata
Barbara Murata


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