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Taste and discover. Make Tokyo the food capital of the world!


Honda Naoyuki(President, Leverage Consulting Inc.)

Honda Naoyuki

(President, Leverage Consulting Inc.)

While living half the year in Hawaii and half in Tokyo, he enjoys sampling a range of offerings from street food stands to three-star restaurants not only in Japan but around the world.
In addition, he produces dinners in collaboration with celebrity chefs and programs events for the experience of staying at luxury ryokan.
Honda is the author of the Leverage series and a book called 'Why Japanese Chefs Could Take On the World'. In all, he has written 75 books that have sold more than three million copies.
Honda is a certified sommelier by the Japan Sommelier Association and a member of the selection committee for the Japan Times Destination Restaurants.

Japanese food is more highly rated overseas than many Japanese people think. I think it can be said that Japanese food is the best in the world. Now there are Japanese restaurants all over the world, and that is a good thing, but we would like people overseas to experience the “real Japanese food.”
In Tokyo there are many hard-working chefs who provide “authentic” Japanese food, but unfortunately their dedication and efforts are not always fully conveyed to the public. It is necessary to support the presentation of the chefs. This event is a step in the right direction. We hope to enhance the value of Tokyo's food by bringing together chefs who convey the “authenticity” of Tokyo's food, so that visitors can taste their offerings, understand their philosophy, and spread the experience to those around them.

Murakami Chisa (Food planner & chef)

Murakami Chisa

(Food planner & chef)

Murakami Chisa is the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of TNC Inc. and a food planner. She is the owner and chef of Kagurazaka MAISON DE TSUYUKI. Murakami has been appointed by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand as an ambassador of the “Thai Delicious” project for Thai cuisines. Her range of activities extends over multiple fields. In addition to traveling internationally as a food planner, she is also active as a chef.

If we examine food trends around the world, we can see that restaurants around the world are now looking to Tokyo when thinking of expanding their presence overseas. This is indicative of the high level of food in Tokyo, and I am very proud of it. This time, we had many attractive restaurants join the event. I would like the participants to fully demonstrate the charm of Tokyo’s world-class food.

Kashiwabara Kotaro(Chairperson of Japan Gastronomy Association)

Kashiwabara Kotaro

(Chairperson of Japan Gastronomy Association)

After graduating from Keio University, Kashiwabara Kotaro entered the publishing company Bungeishunju Co., Ltd. After serving as the editor-in-chief of “Tokyo Ii-mise Umai-mise” (Tokyo Nice Store Delicious Restaurants), he launched a food mail order site “Bunshun Marche.” Kashiwabara is currently the chairperson of the gastronomic club “Japan Gastronomy Association,” and a start-up member of a private club in Marunouchi “OCA TOKYO.” His food blog has more than 50,000 followers.

I served as an editor of the food guide magazine “Tokyo Ii-mise Umai-mise” (Tokyo Nice Store Delicious Restaurants) that has been in publication since 1967. As early as 1967, Tokyo was already known as a gastronomic capital where people could eat everything from Scandinavian to Asian dishes. I would like people to experience, eat, and make rich food developed through history and feel the joy of learning about food cultures. There are also abundant foods in local areas. However, you are reminded of the abundance of cuisine in Tokyo.

Kitamura Mika(Food writer & editor)

Kitamura Mika

(Food writer & editor)

After graduating from Waseda University, Kitamura Mika worked in an advertising agency, and then become a freelance writer. From three-star restaurants in Europe to small restaurants in back alleys in Korea to farmers in Bhutan, she has eaten a dizzying array of foods in 24 countries around the world. While introducing global food trends including those of Japan in newspapers, magazines, and web media, Kitamura also edits recipe books to “emphasize the importance of home cooking.”

Tokyo’s restaurant scene offers everything from restaurants of world-class chefs to local cuisines from around the world. They are supported by producers who provide high-quality ingredients from the rich nature of Japan, people who introduce those ingredients, and chefs who daily seek to create delicious dishes and people who provide services. Why don’t you come see for yourself and sample delicious food that expresses the philosophies of all these people.

Takahashi Ayako(Food publicist)

Takahashi Ayako

(Food publicist)

Takahashi Ayako worked as an advertiser of domestic and foreign fashion brands, then started working in the food industry. She is respected for her tasting capability and personal connections gained through eating out at 1,000 restaurants a year. Takahashi writes a series of articles for the gourmet handbook “Ayako’s Gyokai Souke Gourmet Techo” and “Takahashi Ayako’s NO SUSHI, NO LIFE,” and contributes to various media. She is also involved in menu development and serves in an advisory role for many companies. Takahashi also appears as a judge on BS Fuji’s “Remote Chef.”

Tokyo is home to cuisines from all over the world, and the “level of deliciousness” is very high, so you won’t have any trouble choosing a restaurant. On the other hand, it is also true that there are many good restaurants that are unknown due to a difficulty in getting reservations or a lack of advertising. This is the best food festival ever, carefully selected from restaurants that are normally just about impossible to get into, along with restaurants that are really pushing the boundaries of food preparation. Please come to satisfy your cravings.


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